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501(c)3 charitable organization. We are primarily a volunteer organization with only one part time paid executive director. There are two very active FOCCUS groups that foster its mission. One group is in Madison, Wisconsin and the other is in Bethesda, Maryland. Any individual or group wishing to support the work of FOCCUS may initiate a FOCCUS group in their community in consultation with the FOCCUS Board of Directors.

FOCCUS meets its goal of providing support to the network of Community Centers for Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Development by increasing public awareness and understanding of the Chernobyl disaster and its aftermath through lectures, presentations, publicity, displays at public events and presentations to community organizations.

Our Mission

The mission of Friends of Chernobyl Centers, U.S. Inc. (FOCCUS) is to strengthen recovery efforts of individuals and communities in Ukraine that have been severely affected by the Chernobyl nuclear accident...and to foster education regarding psychosocial and community recovery from technological disasters. FOCCUS accomplishes its mission by supporting a network of Community Centers for Psycho-social Rehabilitation in five Ukrainian communities situated in, or on the edge of, contaminated communities. The Centers work with the United Nations Chernobyl Recovery and Development program and the Ukraine Ministry of Emergency Services, and were originally established by UNESCO in early 1990s. FOCCUS is the only organization in the world devoted solely to the support of these pioneering Community Centers.

FOCCUS provides a vehicle for individuals and groups in the United States to express their concerns about those affected by the Chernobyl disaster. FOCCUS supports the transfer of knowledge regarding the survival of people in countries coping with recovery, reorganization and development following massive disruption caused by catastrophic disasters.

FOCCUS Board members provide presentations and information to civic, school, church and other groups upon request.

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