FOCCUS critique of the Hollywood horror movie titled "Chernobyl Diaries."

Should the tragic setting that has and continues to effect hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian individuals be used as the setting for a Hollywood horror film based on a casual decision to participate in “extreme tourism”?

"It is terrible that such a tragic event as Chernobyl is being sensationalized in a Hollywood horror film. Thousands of people have died and over 400,000 people were evacuated from their homes. Today over 5 million people still live on contaminated land. The horror is not mutants running around, the real horror is the effect that Chernobyl continues to have on the lives of millions who have been devastated physically, emotionally and economically. People are still dealing with the aftermath on a daily basis 26 years later.

We have traveled to the areas in Ukraine surrounding Chernobyl and have worked with very dedicated people who run Community Centers set up by the United Nations to help people to recover from this tragedy and rebuild their lives and communities. The story is not some horror film; it is the lives of the heroes who helped clean up the mess and the heroes who are working hard today to make this a better place to live.

If you feel compelled to go see this movie, take the adrenalin you get from the horror to go do something good and make a difference in the lives of those still living with Chernobyl every day. For more information and to learn how you can help, go to"

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